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Government & Defence

The Resolis team work closely with a number of public sector departments, and we understand that in such turbulent times, they need a strategic partner they can trust.

Government & DefenceGovernment & Defence

With significant experience in adding value to a number of high profile operations, Resolis understand the challenges and pressures faced in this complex sector.

Our extensive experience means we can operate sensitive assets where high security is paramount.

Projects with multiple stakeholders and complex regulation need an SPV and Asset Management provider to deliver decisive governance and clear guidance.

We’ll identify opportunity, establish where value can be added, ensure compliance, and determine if investment is required to achieve strategic objectives.

PFI/PPP service provision for the public sector. Redefined.

1. Building Trusted Partnerships.

At Resolis our focus is on service delivery, complying with operational constraints and ensuring operational readiness is never compromised.

We offer a robust management services contract that supports the completion of projects over time and accounts for critical decision-making along the way.

Working together in partnership, we can quickly prepare and respond to the ever-changing social and political landscape.

2. Strategic Asset Management.

At Resolis we engage with and analyse the facilities management strategy and services to ensure total compliance. 

We get to the core of activities to establish a balance between the strategic and operational, and we understand the importance of recognising and complying with operational constraints, protecting assets and engaging with stakeholders in the public domain.

We will identify and foster relationships to increase confidence across the project environment, minimise uncertainty, and speed up problem-solving and decision-making.

Government & DefenceGovernment & Defence

3. Stakeholder & Asset Engagement.

Engagement and management are critical in ensuring successful project delivery in the government and defence sector, and at Resolis our formula is simple:

Communicate. Consult. Understand. Plan. Build Relationships. Foresight. Manage Risk. Compromise. Understand KPIs. Take Responsibility.

Government departments need robust supply chains and suppliers they can trust.

Working with stakeholders we will conduct a comprehensive asset inventory, calculate life-cycle costs, set levels of service and apply cost-effective asset management solutions that add value, ensure compliance, and identify areas in need of further investment.

There is a definitive convergence between effective asset management and robust health and safety. The Resolis team will constantly monitor and review assets to ensure the most economical use of resources and control risk.

4. Collaborative Governance.

Effective control and governance of assets is essential in realising and adding value, ensuring operational readiness and delivering compliance with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance is critical across the public sector. 

We help assets to navigate the regulatory landscape and develop compliance and policy to manage risk effectively, future-proofing facilities for the long-term, identifying ESG risks and equipping investors with the power to harness them as opportunities.

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