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Emergency Services

Critical to the Emergency Services sector is accountability and social responsibility. 

Change is inevitable and necessary.

Emergency ServicesEmergency Services

Resolis operate as a strategic partner, working in collaboration with stakeholders to facilitate change and minimise disruption, leaving assets to operate with total confidence, 24/7.

We will ensure all contractual obligations are met, so facilities have the peace of mind to focus on what’s important.

Projects with multiple stakeholders and complex regulation need an SPV and Asset Management provider to deliver decisive governance and clear guidance.

We will identify opportunity, establish where value can be added, ensure compliance, and determine if investment is required to achieve strategic objectives.

PFI/PPP service provision for the Emergency Services. Redefined.

1. Building Trusted Partnerships.

At Resolis our collective focus is on eliminating disruption or threats to the delivery of essential services for project stakeholders.

We engage with and analyse your facilities management strategy and services, getting to the core of procedures, and finding the balance between the strategic and operational needs.

Collaboration is critical and we work in partnership with key stakeholders to foster an environment where facilities can operate in total confidence and contractual obligations are fulfilled.

2. Strategic Asset Management.

Effective compliance management through the life of contracts is vital in ensuring adherence to all regulatory and legal requirements.

The requirement for real-time visibility and clear communication is essential in assuring effective asset management. 

First responders need a robust asset tracking system in place to perform their duties effectively.

Our risk-based monitoring tools and processes ensure adherence to all regulatory requirements.

3. Stakeholder & Asset Engagement.

We invest in identifying and building stakeholder relationships to increase confidence across the project environment, minimising uncertainty, and speeding up problem-solving and decision-making.

We can improve, identify, assess, monitor and mitigate risk, allowing for resources to be best allocated.

Health and safety compliance is critical. Effective control and governance in assets, essential.

4. Collaborative Governance.

With full ESG support from the Resolis team, we can establish the pillars that are important to each individual asset. 

Working in partnership with stakeholders to deliver on that responsibility, effectively track performance and construct a foundation for better compliance.

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