Why Resolis.

One MSA provider with a critical mass of service contracts.

Resolis will focus on the key issues, ensuring compliance and assurance through a consistent portfolio approach.

Why Resolis

Our Strengths.

At Resolis we drive compliance against the contract.

The majority of our services are linked to an arm of the UK government under long term concession arrangements. These contracts need to be effectively managed to ensure continued mitigation and investor returns.

As a trusted MSA service partner, we deliver the following strategic aims on behalf of project stakeholders in order to protect and enhance asset value:

  1. 1. Commitment to responsible asset management.
  2. 2. Supporting assets to meet targeted returns.
  3. 3. Compliance with shareholder objectives.
  4. 4. Leading best practices to ensure contract compliance.
  5. 5. Industry leading resolution of stakeholder and contractual disputes.

Providing services across fund asset management, finance and legal, our leadership teams engage with our project teams to ensure contractual compliance and consistent service delivery.

Resolis is committed to supporting the delivery of safe, reliable and sustainable infrastructure projects that benefit the local community and beyond.

Partnership. Integrity. Resolve.

PFI/PPP service provision. Redefined.

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