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The health sector is one of complex infrastructure and information systems. 

Change needs to happen quickly and efficiently, without interruption to key services.


Projects with multiple stakeholders and complex regulation need an SPV and Asset Management provider to deliver decisive governance and clear guidance.

Resolis will identify opportunity, establish where value can be added, ensure compliance, and determine if investment is necessary to achieve strategic objectives.

PFI/PPP service provision for the healthcare sector. Redefined.

1. Building Trusted Partnerships.

With significant experience across the healthcare sector, Resolis will analyse and engage with all operational issues.

We offer a robust management services solution that enables us to complete projects on time and account for the changes that will need to be made along the way.

Strong healthcare is built on strong relationships. 

Having a long-term dedicated partner is critical to success.

2. Strategic Asset Management.

Health facilities require continuous improvement and monitoring to ensure they meet both statutory and contract compliance. 

We take care of those things so assets can focus on delivering first-class care.

Resolis will establish and build relationships that increase confidence, minimise uncertainty and speed up problem-solving and decision-making.

Our team is committed to establishing where value can be added, ensuring compliance, and determining if investment is needed.

3. Stakeholder & Asset Engagement.

We understand that controlling costs and managing constraints will deliver long-term facilities management improvements and efficiencies.

Resolis provide risk management solutions that maximise asset performance.

Being health and safety compliant is critical, whilst effective control and governance of your assets is essential in realising value.

We manage risk and opportunity in order to achieve the desired balance of cost, risk and performance.

4. Collaborative Governance.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance has become an increasingly complex and challenging regulatory environment for the health sector to navigate.

We identify material risks and opportunities, and our ESG support will establish the pillars that are important to a modern healthcare facility.

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