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At Resolis we understand the complex issues facing the education sector.

The need to complete works with zero disruption is critical.


Teachers, support staff and management are under increasing pressure to improve educational standards and deliver academic success.

Resolis work together in partnership with investors to deliver and maintain educational projects that not only benefit those who attend and work there but the wider community.

PFI/PPP service provision for the education sector. Redefined.

1. Building Trusted Partnerships.

Projects with multiple stakeholders and complex regulation need an SPV and Asset Management provider to deliver decisive governance and clear guidance.

Resolis work in partnership to identify opportunity, establish where value can be added, ensure compliance, and determine if investment is required to achieve strategic objectives.

2. Strategic Asset Management.

Resolis operate across all levels and types of educational facilities.

Our teams expedite the efficient completion of projects, with clear accountability for the decisions that need to be made along the way.

In business it is widely accepted that better working environments attract and motivate staff; the same is true in education. 

A good learning environment enhances education and improves the well-being of staff and pupils.

Having a long-term dedicated partner providing robust management services is key to identifying and removing potential dispute.

3. Stakeholder & Asset Engagement.

Resolis will engage with and analyse your facilities management strategy and services.

Works must be carried out with minimal disruption, the window of opportunity is always small and requires a swift turnaround. 

We will get to the core of your activities and understand the balance between strategic and operational.

Efficient and effective asset management for the education sector is determined by how best we can develop, operate, maintain, upgrade and dispose of your assets with the whole life cost at the heart of all decision-making.

4. Collaborative Governance.

We understand that there is a clear convergence between effective asset management and good health and safety leadership in academia.

Our ESG support will highlight the pillars that are important to modern educational assets and we work in collaboration with stakeholders to deliver on that responsibility, effectively track performance and construct a foundation for better compliance.

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