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Transport Infrastructure

The transport infrastructure sector is one where reliability and cost efficiency is critical.

Transport & InfrastructureTransport & Infrastructure

The Resolis team understand the risks and challenges facing the modern infrastructure project and we combine this with a clear focus on enhancing asset value and delivering maximum ROI for investors.

Working in partnership with stakeholders, we support operations and ensure total contract compliance. 

Projects with multiple stakeholders and complex regulation need an SPV and Asset Management provider to deliver decisive governance and clear guidance.

We will identify opportunity, establish where value can be added, ensure compliance, and determine if investment is required to achieve strategic objectives.

PFI/PPP service provision for the transport infrastructure sector. Redefined.

1. Building Trusted Partnerships.

At Resolis we work in close partnership with key stakeholders to enhance operational efficiency, minimise performance issues and avoid disputes.

We offer a practical MSA solution that allows for projects to be completed on time and takes into account the inevitable changes that need to be made along the way.

2. Strategic Asset Management.

Safety and efficiency is paramount, and we understand the necessary focus on compliance, to enable assets to operate in total confidence. 

We engage with and analyse the facilities management strategy and services, getting to the core of your operations and striking a balance between your strategic and commercial position.

3. Stakeholder & Asset Engagement.

Stakeholder and asset engagement is arguably the most important ingredient for successful delivery, administration and maintenance of transport infrastructure projects, and it enables us to shape projects at an early stage.

By implementing comprehensive asset portfolio management, rigorous project execution, and effective and efficient asset management practices, we can add value and identify where investment is needed.

We take the time to analyse budgets, set levels of service, calculate lifecycle costs, optimise entire asset and operations lifecycle performance and carefully manage risk and opportunity to achieve the desired balance of cost and performance.

4. Collaborative Governance.

Effective control and governance is essential in realising value.

Our ESG strategies ensure that environmental impact, sustainability, corporate governance, community outreach, employee welfare/reward, supply chain management, and the social contract between asset and community are reached.

We work with stakeholders to deliver on that responsibility, effectively track performance and construct a foundation for better compliance.

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